NCADA – leading the way for community input into service delivery

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the North Coast will soon be able to advocate on the delivery of NSW state government services such as health, education and housing, through the North Coast Aboriginal Development Alliance (NCADA).  NCADA currently has an interim committee comprise Darren Kershaw, Co-chairperson representing Health, Julie Perkins, Law & Social Justice, Rob Appo, Local Government, Sheldon Harrington, Youth, and Des Williams, Aboriginal Land Councils and Andrew Hegedus, Independent Community Representative (Co-Chairperson).  Formerly known as the Regional Aboriginal Development Alliance (RADA). NCADA’s service area extends from the Clarence Valley to Tweed Heads. 

NCADA is one of eight alliances across NSW set up under the NSW State Government’s (Aboriginal Affairs) OCHRE Strategy, specifically its Local Decision Making (LDM) initiative.

NCADA has commenced consultations in the Region and over the next 12 months intends to consult with as many Aboriginal people as possible through meetings and through online methods. Further information on NCADA and its consultations, can be obtained by contacting the NCADA Executive Officer, Darren Kershaw on 04 478 006 140 or the Project Officer, Janelle Brown on 0423 918602.

Janelle Brown, Project Officer

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