Worker Health and Safety (WHS) – research into risk facing Aboriginal workers

The New South Wales Government has committed to achieving equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in health and life expectancy, within a generation.

Work Health and Safety (WHS) is an important contributor to overall health. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers are at particular risk of workplace injury or illness for several reasons:

a) They are overrepresented in physically hazardous and stressful occupations such as labouring, machine operation and driving, as well as in the community and personal services fields

b) Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers are employed in casual or part-time jobs that have little security or stability

c) Previous research indicates that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers are more likely to incur certain types of work-related injuries and illnesses such as musculoskeletal disorders, diseases of the respiratory system, and mental disorders

Little is known about the current WHS risks and harms faced by Aboriginal workers and persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs). There are significant knowledge and practice gaps relating to the nature and prevalence of WHS risks, factors that may exacerbate or mitigate WHS risks, and practical initiatives that PCBUs can implement to drive real and lasting change, particularly in a New South Wales context (as outlined in the Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022).

Monaghan Dreaming in partnership with Behavioural Insights Team have been contracted to conduct research into  the risks associated with WHS in the workplace, and seek your assistance and guidance by partnering with us over two phases to conduct this important piece of work The first phase is to gather Aboriginal experts in the workplace to form an Advisory Panel that will co-design the research approach. The second phase (given the current environment of COVID19) is an online survey (see link below) to gather data in order to improve WHS among Aboriginal workers and PCBUs by implementing initiatives informed by evidence. 

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