NCADA is undertaking a Research Project in Conjunction with the Aurora Project

NCADA is undertaking a Research Project in Conjunction with the Aurora Project

As part of its mandate to advocate on behalf of Aboriginal people in the North Coast of NSW, NCADA is undertaking research to determine the priority issues.  This research is twofold and involves extensive consultations throughout the region as well as desk research.  To undertake the desk research NCADA has developed a partnership with Gurehlgam Corporation* and the Aurora Project* to engage Ms Ciarra Vu on a 6 week stint.

The assistance provided by Ciarra will be valuable in identifying priority issues and in preparing accord agreements with State Government.

Ciarra advised “I recently graduated from the University of Queensland with my master’s in development practice. Development practice addresses the key challenges facing the world today (such as discrimination and injustices, environmental issues, alternative economics, etc.) and works to understand those challenges in their complexity.

I applied to the Aurora program because I wanted to continue understanding the challenges facing Indigenous people in Australia, and what can be done to overcome those adversities.”

*Gurehlgam Corporation is an Aboriginal organisation based in Grafton and servicing the North Coast Area, it has a strong focus on community development.  Check out their website:

*Aurora Project aims to strengthen Indigenous organisations by supporting their staff and facilitating opportunities for all Australians to work in these organisations. Check out their website:

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