Meet our Committee Members – Julie Perkins

In her own words

One of 10 siblings, who always from a young age, had a passion to justice and equality – having travelled around as a student with Uncle Herb Duroux of the Grafton ALS. Despite excelling at school, I was taken from school after year 10 by educational officers and sent to a hostel in Qld for 12 months – to study secretarial studies and deportment.

Following various jobs at Woolworths as a NESA trainee in the public service, I won a scholarship as mature person to study Law. Completing such to combine with my employment at the Regional Aboriginal Legal Services – of Lismore and Grafton, Whereby I became the Regional Manager for many years.

I have sat on many justices and human rights committees advocating for equality, legal rights and prosperity for our Mobs. I am a passionate unionist who seek a civil society for all. Inclusion and humanity, a voice for the voiceless and educational opportunities to ensure we are empowered as a Peoples to make informed choice in our lives.

I want to see us with jobs, with businesses, with our own homes, with functioning communities and families and not making up the shameful statistics of over-representation, out of home care and entrenched poverty that surrounds us

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