New Logo and busy times for NCADA

It has been a busy time for us as we establish ourselves as an advocate and leadership support for Aboriginal communities in the far north coast of NSW. 

In late April we held a solutions focused workshop in Lismore to discuss the issues that were highlighted during our recent consultations with local communities. 

During the workshop NCADA launched its new logo created by 17 year old,Charlotte Pietens of Lismore.  Charlotte’s design which combines both the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags, incorporates the vision statement of NCADA leading the way through accountability advocacy and action. 

Executive Chairperson, Darren Kershaw advises that his organisation were extremely pleased with the design, stating it would be used on all official NCADA resources.

The North Coast Aboriginal Development Alliance (NCADA) formerly Regional Aboriginal Development Alliance (RADA) is one of eight alliances across New South Wales.  NCADA was set up under the NSW State Government’s (Aboriginal Affairs) OCHRE Strategy, specifically its Local Decision Making (LDM) initiative.   It comprise local Aboriginal community members with expertise in the key areas of concern to Communities.  Its  main focus is advocating to state government regarding service delivery.  After extensive community consultations and research, NCADA hopes to soon begin a process with state government to result in an accord agreement on service delivery.

“Amongst all this, we will also be seeking motivated Aboriginal people to fill the vacant positions on our committee” Darren advised.  Busy times indeed.

Should you wish to find out more about NCADA or Express your concerns and issues in your community please contact Darren Kershaw on 0478006140. Pictured is Charlotte and her father Eli Pietens with the NCADA logo she designed.

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